Using Body Scans to Adjust Posture and Reduce Pain

Using Body Scans to Adjust Posture and Reduce Pain

By Jessica May Tang

Adjust Posture and Reduce Pain

Pain is one of the number one distractors in the workplace and bad posture all day is one of the biggest culprits. One of my group coaching clients has had chronic shoulder pain for many years, and prolonged bad posture at work is definitely one of his biggest triggers. We have been working on doing Body Scans throughout the day to adjust his posture, which then helps lessen the shoulder pain.

What’s a Body Scan?

A body scan can literally take a millisecond or longer. You’re basically taking inventory of your body parts, from head to toe, and making sure everything is as relaxed as it can be.

You might notice that your shoulder is tensed up from mousing all morning, or your brows are furrowed from concentration. You can take this quick millisecond to scan your body, and relax whatever you notice is tensed.

Going systematically from head to toe (or toe to head) tends to be the easiest and fastest way to go about the body scans. It helps you keep track of what you’ve scanned and what you haven’t.

By taking these seconds to check in with your body, you are building awareness of your posture, which allows you to fix it when necessary and ultimately reduce pain. Ideally, you want to do one body scan each hour, but start with just doing one a day. Remember, one is better than nothing!

To your health and success,

Damon Wellness

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